The Year of The Leviathan

Originally published at: The Year of The Leviathan – Monsters in the Sky

Hello sky captains of 2022. We at Catalyst hope everything has been well for you all. We also hope you are all safe with everything happening in the world. Another year has passed without a Leviathans kickstarter. Another year has come and gone without beautiful new ships flying through the skies. A lot of reasons…

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Woohoo! We got the forum back :smiley:

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-Does happy dance-

I am so looking forward to the Kickstarter and to more of this fascinating world. Loved the anthology, so more fiction is definitely welcome.

Smoke on the horizon, a good sight.

This is really great news. Can’t wait to hear more.
There have been a number of steampunk airship games pop up in the years since Leviathans first appeared, but none of them had the same tactical finesse.

And so it begins (again)

@FlyingFisher - congrats on writing the first member post on the new forum

:partying_face: I remember clicking a link from a gaming news site to the first post on a game development blog that Randal Bills was doing. I have been hooked on this project since. While its been a long time, its really always been too good of a game to not come back. Looking forward to what is in store!

use descendants from history to make it believable. admiral john paul jones would be leroy john paul. just an idea.

Admiral Horace Nelson? :wink:

Good to the skies full of air battleships again!