The SMS Wolve

Originally published at: The SMS Wolve – Monsters in the Sky

Welcome back, Another short one this week but with two promises going forward. First, next week I will start going over in more detail what to expect from the kickstarter. We’ll be looking at a more narrow timeframe for the kickstarter besides “this year” as well as what fun things will be in it. Second,…

Looking forward to more of this. I like seeing the backstory behind design differences. I remember seeing this card as a work-in-progress from before.

Just a heads up on a typo.

“While this stopped future investments in ships like the it,”

Are there any changes to the stats of the one posted some years back?

This post from Bryn doesn’t have any stats, but the description does somewhat match the card previously shown. The old one has lots of armor, high slot defenses, higher speed, and special slots for Chaff.