Support AFTER the Kickstarter?

I had the 2012 2 player boxed set and got rid of it last year due to no real suppoert for the game.

I am hesitant to get into this again due to that same reason.

What is the 5 year road map for Leviathans?

Thank you.

The 2012 problem was a tragic story of a game that died due to production snafus. The original manufacturer pulled some shady stuff, and, since CGL was small, they didn’t have the clout to do anything. The recent run of Plastic BattleTech minis has done much to build a relationship with a manufacturer, so, at least we can count on this being in print for a while.

Also, a lot is going to depend on how well the kickstarter goes. You are going to be looking at at least a year for everything to get made, shipped, and sent out…assuming nothing impacts manufacturing. We are not, sadly, living in the optimistic days of 2012 where planning was possible. Monkeypox or Polio could hit China, and shut the country down again, like the latest wave of Covid is impacting manufacturing there right now.

However, CGL has something it did not have in 2012: it has resources. It is still a small company, but I expect this time, Leviathans is going to get the treatment it should have had(had things not gone horribly wrong) the first time. Also, its line developer is new, and has something to prove.

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