So what's new?

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Another week and another Leviathans Blog post.  This week we are taking a look at how the Leviathans game of 2012 compares to the game of 2022. This will not be a complete look at every mechanic but more the major changes that have been made to make the best Leviathans game possible. Some…

Sounds cool to me. Can’t wait to find out more.

By the way, your HML Anfield ship card got a blue smudge on it when you posted it. You might want to try it again :wink:

The mountains will definitely be interesting

When I was playing Crimson Skies, my favorite map was the canyon one that had “mountain” style hexes.

The one game where I avoided crashing into a wall for three turns had me visualizing the biplane wheels just barely kissing and spinning off a canyon wall.

It makes me already hear a cruiser trading paint with a mountain in my future!

I still vote for the core box to focus on a fleet of more, smaller ships. The grand leviathans should be separate purchases.

I tend to agree with this.