So What's left?

Originally published at: So What’s left? – Monsters in the Sky

The last month has seen multiple trips and people down with covid so a little delay this time. Last time I said we would go into more detail about a faction. However, we are going to push that as I have much more exciting things to share from art to production samples. In addition, I…

I like the consistency of the artwork. It looks almost like the Type 1 was the base model and each increasing size just started from the Type 1 and bulked it up more.

I’d like to see a ruler next to the ships to give us an idea of how large the smaller ships will be.

They are supposed to be compatible with the original game so the destroyer should be approximately 2 inches and the battleship about 4 inches. I think cruisers we’re about three inches but I’d have to check.

I’ll start of by saying I know absolutely nothing about the previous editions of Leviathan but have been looking for something in the theme for a long time. I’ve been a fan of steam punk since RPG’n Space 1889 in the 90’s and am kind of wondering how this has escaped my notice. To be honest for me these days it’s as much about the minis as the gameplay. I’ll play pretty much anything, and buy what I realy like. Even though I can play Dystopian wars with the guys at my local club I havn’t bought into that largely due to the minis. They feel too abstracted.

I am digging the scale and detail of this game and see a lot that i like and dont wish to sound overly negative but I am worried about how close you are constrained by the previous versions. I’ve been a huge fan of another Catalyst game Battletech for years, still have 2nd Ed on my shelf and I am comfortable with its art changes over the years but wonder what constraints might be existant within this game.

In short I have some issues with the way ships within factions apear to be minturized or biggered versions of that which came before or after without regard of the class funtion.
I also find turrets generaly are just too small to look fun. I mean the RL counterparts of the day were all about bigger is better and if not bigger then more of them.
And with the Russian and German artwork so far,though great, I find the lack of, or variation thereof, of ‘above’ deck structure and towers and ‘below’ deck guns to maybe not embrace the theme as much as I would like, particulaly for the battleships and cruisers

Just putting it out there as a potential newbie but artiscally it sems there is more that could be borrowed from eveything between old school breastwork monitors up to pre-dreadnoughts.

Either way I’ll keep watching and wish you the best of luck for teh upcoming kickstater.