Sharp eyes! - View from the Crowsnest

Deciphering the new ship types!

The leftmost looks like it could be the French battleship.
Second one seems to have German style tanks.
Im pretty sure the third one is the British battleship from the old recognition poster

Photo from the blog…

The Gazetteer (fiction/background book) from the original game has some images that look similar.

Left to right:
German (pgs 49 & 54 of Gazetteer)
British (artwork was shown previously)
Italian (pg 68 of Gazetteer)
Italian (similar side profile design and angles stacks to pg 68 Gazetteer)
British (looks like pics of Defender and County classes)
French (looks like pics of Agile class)
German (openings around the side tanks look like pgs 49 & 54 of Gazetteer)
British (looks like pics of the Destrier class, but that is Type 2 and this is a Type 1)
British (looks like D-class)

Does the bow of the first ship (from left) not look likevthe Bastille class?
Maybe this is just French, British, German and Italian?
No Russian or Japanese in the pic

The sides of the first one do look like the artwork for the Paris-class, so I can see it being French. I don’t remember seeing artwork for the Bastille class.

Now that I think about it, you’re right, these look like just French, Brits, Germans, and Italians. No Americans, Austro-Hungarians, Russians, or Japanese.

From the poster

Oh cool, I have to look through my boxed set for that. I’d say that looks like the model, it’s probably that one.

Which makes sense, as i believe only British, French, German & Italian have designs done ready for making moulds?
Japanese & Russian maybe only at the art stage.

Hopefully the Kickstarter will do well enough to get all of these done.
But i dont see any type 3 models…

Actually, there is an extra light cruiser there.

if you look, there are (from left) 4 battleships there, from left French, German, British and italian.

However there are actually 5 lihht criusers there,
(Again left to right) Italian, ???, British, French & German.

I believe the mystery light cruiser is Austro-Hungarian.

Well, because of the quirks of Leviathans, we don’t know if the 5 Levs in the middle are Type 2 or Type 3 (unless we can recognize the ship model). But looking back through the original post where the images came from, some of the images had details in the filename of the image.

Along with the comments from up thread here’s an updated list, going left to right:

French - Bastille class, Type 4
German - Kaiser (unknown if class or ship name), Type 4
British - Connaught class, Type 4
Italian - Type 4
Italian - Type 2/3
Unknown - Type 2/3 (looks Italian, only the Italians have been shown with angled smokestacks, but the lower half & bow wings makes me think French)
British - Defender class, Type 3
French - Faucon class, Type 2
German - Type 2/3 (image filename says “MED54”, may mean nothing though)
British - Type 1 (still looks just like the Destrier class, but the wrong size for that)
German - Type 1, (This looks a lot like the one in the image of the 3 German Levs)