Resources for the old Leviathans release

Have a question regarding the original Leviathans release

Will the ship cards for these older models be available for purchase or download?

I am a backer of the current kickstarter and have both the original release as well as a fleet expansion for both the British and French and would like to get new cards for these ships as well as the ones from the Kickstarter


As I understand it, cards for the ships in the original release will be available as PDFs and as addon purchases. If anyone else knows otherwise please chime in…

Thanks, was hoping this was the case (and honestly assumed) but wanted to be sure and push for it if it was not :slight_smile:

This is the latest that I have heard. There will be some kind of way to get updated ship cards that fit with the new design style.

Unfortunately, despite being listed as an add-on for the KS, it is not currently on the list of add-ons at this time. I hope it gets added. That and information on the available t-shirt sizes as well.