Q&A from Boston

Originally published at: Q&A from Boston – Monsters in the Sky

Hello Sky Captains. This week I have found myself in Boston helping out a booth at Pax East. As such this will be a shorter post.  I wanted to go over a couple questions that have come up over the last few weeks, especially in regards to how old Leviathans material will work with the…

Thank you for answering these. I have some more questions for you.

  1. Will there be multiple levels of boxed sets (similar to BattleTech’s Beginner Boxed Set and A Game of Armored Combat)?

  2. Is there an estimated quarter of a year for the Kickstarter?

  3. Will the big ships (WildChevy Designs: GenCon floor walk (Catalyst Game Labs: Leviathans)) be making appearances at future Cons?

  4. Are there any more anthologies or fiction coming in the next few months?

As a followup to question #2, will the announced BattleTech Kickstarter interfere with plans for the Leviathans Kickstarter? Does one have to wait for the other to finish? Or could both be occurring at the same time?

Will you be posting a sample of the new cards?