Poll: So which faction are you most looking forward to play?

  • French Republic
  • German Empire
  • Great Britain
  • Kingdom of Italy
  • Russian Empire

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Honestly any and all. Voted Russian because I like the idea of advanced Crew dice and the ability to repair their own and other allied ships

Italy winning?!? Arrrgghhh
I picked France, but still want to try out the other factions.
Russian crews could be devastating, Germany’s flying bricks could be fun, but Italy doesn’t really appeal to me for some reason, maybe as an adversary I would enjoy blowing out of the sky.
All that being said, I’m worried some of the nations would benefit from novelty value, but i would always return to the fundamental true and tested French.

I’m one of those that voted for Italy, mostly b/c I think it will be a challenge to play them well. The comments from Randall and Bryn are that they’ve been playtested and are balanced, but I have trouble seeing that from the few ships I’ve seen and the one test game I played with the few ships we’ve seen.

The rest of the factions I can gameplan out how they would win and it makes sense to me. Germans are bricks, hard to kill. Brits have the biggest guns and best reach. French are all-around good. Russians have the best crews for repairs and accurate shots, plus the precision crews.

Yes the Italians have torpedo swarms, but they also have aluminum foil for armor. In my test game I miscounted the range between my destroyer and a German battleship and my destroyer went poof in one turn. So for me, what I’m looking forward to playing is the Italians to see how I can make a winning fleet with them.

My favorite to play of those 5 will probably be the Brits

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I forgot the Austro-Hubgarians, might get a fleet of 3-4 cruisers to see what happens, they should be fun.
I’m making light of the Italians, but too me the challenge would be in beating them, they might be made of tin foil but having such advantage in position both through speed, improved stearing gear as well as area denial with torpedoes will make it a real challenge to defeat, i think.