Leviathans Demos - Montreal Comic Con!

Thanks to all of the Fans who showed up at the first Catalyst Demo Team Leviathans event following the Kickstarter announcement!
We had a booth at MCC, there was lots of interest and questions about the upcoming kickstarter.

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First match:
The French surged forward to get within point blank range, but faced deadly and accurate bracketing fire from HML Crow & HML New Zealand.

A shattered starboard side resulted in an unlucky broken keel.
C’est une catastrophe!

Looks like a good time was had by all except the crew of the Pontbriand

C’est la vie!


Actually it was nice that the demo ended neatly and quickly. :wink:

I’ve fought with or against the Pontbriand a few times and I feel like it needs another Type 2 or something heavier on its side. That way if the French have to move first for initiative it will have something it can chase with that high speed and all those 65mm guns. If the Pontbriand has to move first, it can be too easy for other ships to move out of range or out of firing arc of the PB’s broadside. With bigger ship Types or another Type 2, PB should always have something move before it to give you an option.

It will definitely be nice to get some more ship cards for variety.

To be honest i was just pumped to be setting up the CDT Levs banner again!

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