Kickstarter successfully Funded

The KS has been completed and funded, some of us are a bit poorer but all involved are happy to be here

I now get to pull out and dust off the old models and get to play with a bunch of new friends and wait for the new fleets to arrive

Despite the fact I knew next to nothing about Leviathans before the AMA, I’m mostly glad I backed the project. Dipped a little bit into my Mercenaries kickstarter funds to get some add-ons, but I’m pretty satistfied with my choices. Here’s to the longevity of Leviathans.


I’m so happy with how many stretch goals were unlocked before the end.


Over 600k is a incredible number regardless of how anyone looks at it. But I feel Leviathans could have easily made over a million if certain events had not transpired around the time of the kickstarter. Regardless, the game is successful and will most likely have a long life. Let’s hope fans don’t get bogged down in debating over a centrury old politics instead of enjoying the game.

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