Ideas for future missions/campaigns

One of the greatest strengths of any game system is the ability of the end user (us) to take the base supplied by the designers and build on them, making a more fluid and flexible game that can be played numerous times without becoming boring. This is the strength of other games available from CGL like BattleTech

With that in mind I am thinking of ways to take my love of history and reading and adding real world strategies and tactics to Leviathans. Some of the ones that easily come to mind are:

Convoy protection/Raiding (mission)
Q ships (either anti Lev surface ships or Lev cargo ships)
Mediterranean campaign ( would most probably involve Austro-Hungarian Empire)
Brush wars in Africa, South America and the Pacific theatres (campaign)
Revitalization of Spain and the Ottoman Empires by the needs of the Major Powers for proxy partners

For myself I am working on a setup/framework and some “rules” for the Convoy mission to make it fun and as a building block for long form campaign games

Just my current thoughts on what we can do to keep this game vital and growing in the future.

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I don’t think you’re going to find much in the way of interaction on these forums. This place is pretty dead. Most backers seem to be on the Discord. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Discord, so I always check see if anybody posted anything here.

All I can say is Leviathans has inspired me to study various events in WW1 and imagine how they would change if there were steel airships in the sky. I’m interested in what the conflict in South America looks like considering the geography of the location.

That’s furtile ground for unique scenarios. Maybe special rules for AL guns situated in the highlands. Or perhaps a map set exhibited a massive forest fire with bellowing pillers of smoke that Leviathans have to safely navigate through becuase of negative effects on crews.

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Thanks for the response. If you are looking for places that are active for Leviathans there is also a Facebook page Leviathans Dockyard (Redirecting...) where a bunch of conversations have happened as well

I agree, i like both Forums and Discord, for different reasons. For conversation Discord is often better, for communication I prefer forums or Facebook groups.

I will continue to post, just because I can :slight_smile: and thanks again for the response. I am hoping as the game gains in popularity more conversations and brainstorming will occur

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I’m not as big a fan of discord either. I like a more traditional forums. This isn’t really a forums, but since most folks are on the Discord that’s what I’ll use.

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I agree with both of you.

I will continue to monitor and attempt to communicate here as well as there just because I like this format better, but it may be that time has moved past this format as they have the old billboard system in the bad old days of the early internet :slight_smile:

Either way thanks for the comments and talk to you all eventually

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