German Faction Box

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As mentioned last time, this week I will lay out for you the contents of a Faction Box, looking at the ship cards and models that will be available in a box. The exact contents may still change but this should provide a clear idea of what you will get from a box. For this…

Looks good here.

I really like seeing the working test versions of the ship cards. Looks like there might be an error on the bow gun on the SML Hessen. It says it’s a 5/10 range DY/DBlue when all the other 5/10 range guns on the Kolberg class are DBlue/DG. The bow gun on SML Wolve matches the dice of DY/DBlue, but it has different ranges of 6/12.

The Wolve looks like a pure support ship, it will be interesting to see how it plays. Likewise the Armored Hull of the SML Wilhelm looks like a bonus at first, but on 2nd glance (and without knowing if there’s more rules to it) it looks like it creates a weakspot on the ship. Sure it gives +1 overall to the SI, but once you take out that spot not only do you you count it as -1SI for a slot destroyed, my guess is you lose the +1SI bonus from the slot. Effectively losing that slot becomes a net change of 2 SI instead of just 1SI for a normal slot.

NGL those unit cards look super complicated. Having never played, it’s rather daunting.

The dice are color coded, so you really just need to know your short/Long range, arch and dice to roll.

The other numbers are for when YOU get hit. It’s been a long time, but I remember picking it up very quickly.

You know I really like type 3 ships so while I’m disappointed they aren’t in the fleet boxes like they were in the original as long as they will be available in some fashion I guess that will be ok.

It looks complex, but once you get playing it’s not as busy as it looks. The post “So What’s New?” has an image of finished or mostly finished ship card. Depending on where the enemy fire is coming front you get hit on one of your sides, which narrows it down to 25% of the card to deal with.