Funny Timing with Kickstarter

So I was just kinda looking into this game and hunting for the old Version but it´s sold out in all retail I can find and it´s sold for pretty high sums by thoose selling it private. I was hunting for a Spaceship esque game that feels more complex than Armada. Am I right on the money with this game? seems Ships can take a beating that isn´t just straight up hull points, will they lose subsystems and have chances to outright explode if hit just right?

Anyway seems I timed my interest perfectly with a kickstarter that is coming soon? Crossing my fingers it´s not long to wait now.

I haven’t played armada so I can’t speak to the complexity difference. One thing I have always liked about leviathans is how easy it is to teach people and using the laminated ship card is quite elegant, people love crossing stuff off and seeing your card get battered with pen marks as the game goes on. There is a strategy guide they released called Leviathans a Guide to Tactics. You could have a read of that and get a decent idea of the play considerations. I have gotten a lot of mileage from Levs. It really is a gem of a game.

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@Jonkenden If you look back to the blog post The Year of The Leviathan they said they plan to have the kickstarter this year. Who knows how long it will take to go from kickstarter to delivered product.

But if you go to the Leviathans section at the Catalyst Store There’s some free pdfs and cheap printable ship/fleet cards if you want to get playing on your own. All you’d really need then is dice.

Thanks for the tips and suggestions, I bought the printables and working through what I need to actually print as it has some cross refrences with the ship stat cards and such.