From Rychnowski to Ferdinand

Originally published at: From Rychnowski to Ferdinand – Monsters in the Sky

Welcome back everyone. This week we will go over a basic timeline of events starting at Rychnowski’s discovery of Electroid in 1878 to the final events that will culminate in the Great War. This will not be a complete list of everything that happens between these two events but it will provide the context for…

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Glad to see more posts steaming ahead

Interesting idea on how to involve Japan.

Oh that was in the fiction anthology that published last year. You can find it over at Leviathans: Armored Skies (Anthology) – Catalyst Game Labs Store

Yes hopefully there will be more books this year

This post could use more polish…

Polish scientist not polish scientist
copper not cooper
throne not thrown
stave off not stay off

Feels wierd to me that the US would back Brazil rather than Argentina. Given Argentina is right next to Chile and in greater danger of Japanese Aggression, plus it’s the more western nation (and 10th wealthiest in the world at that time in our own timeline). Makes more sense for the US to cozy up with them to pressure Japan and then Japan grooms Brazil in response in my opinion.

I think it’s the other way around in the Argentina-Brazil situation. I think the Japanese were the ones acting & making decisions while the US was reacting. Look at the timeline, it was 1910 when the Japanese take Santiago, but it wasn’t until Roosevelt won back the presidency in the election of 1912 and was made president in 1913 that the US begin to act to counter the Japanese in South America.

During those years, as the Japanese gained control of Chile, they would begin expanding to their neighbors, in this case Argentina. If the US had acted initially in 1910, then Argentina or Peru might have been better choices, but since the US was a late arrival to the party, it joined the side that was available.

Good point.
And Brazil may have been the one seeking US support

I had an idea and took a look back through the Gazetteer. It looks like it stops in 1910 so there is some room for things to change from what was printed. In particular looking at the South American situation, each of the 3 powers, Chile, Argentina, & Brazil, was listed as having Leviathans each from separate European powers.

The Chileans had French-made levs, the Argentinians had German made levs, and the Brazilians had British levs. Argentina is listed as having two aerial battleships being in construction in American graving yards. It would be interesting if those two levs ended up in Brazilian hands or if the Americans kept them for themselves. Additionally, the Brazilians were described as having a sky fleet larger than the rest of the South American nations combined, but the armor and training weren’t up to European standards.

As we go forward it will be interesting to see how things advance from what’s in the Gazetteer.

I always wonder how something like Eteroid (and the resulting Leviathans) would have changed the early 20th century and how some of the remnant European powers might have changed, such as the late Ottoman and Spanish Empires.

While the Ottoman was primarily a southern European and Mediterranean power, Spain was widespread, though fading, at this time in history. It would be interesting if either of these empires in decline would have found a source of the material within their borders and begun to create Leviathans of their own, extending their power and influence farther and longer than within our current timeline.

I think the dissolution and absorption of Switzerland will have massive repercussions by the lack of their relative neutrality in the heart of Europe. I do so enjoy the ways that such a technological change can ripple out, altering even things that could be thought of as immutable and enduring.