Ever Closer to War

Originally published at: Ever Closer to War – Monsters in the Sky

I have some fun things to share with you today. I have art to share as well as details over what to expect from the Kickstarter. Finally, while not an exact date, we will be further closing the gap on when to expect the Kickstarter. Starting off we have some faction logos. These logos will…

Oooo…closer and closer. I can’t wait.

I have some questions for you.

  1. Factions - You said in the Q&A from Boston that if all the planned stretch goals are reached, then all of the 8 big factions would have at least 1 ship in the kickstarter. Reading the descriptions of the Faction Boxes and the Ship Packs I read that to mean not all of the big 8 factions will have a Faction box, is that right?

  2. If 1 is right and the stretch goals are met, does that mean all 8 of the big factions will show up in at least a Ship Pack if not in a Faction Box?

  3. Could any factions outside of the Big 8 factions show up in the Ship Packs?

  4. Campaign Box - Are these bigger than Faction Boxes?