Day 4!- Changes: Rules

Originally published at: Day 4!- Changes: Rules – Monsters in the Sky

And we are back. The sky is ever closer. This is part two on changes to Leviathans, following yesterday’s. We will talk about all the main changes to the rules of Leviathans, as well as things added to the game. Set Up The largest changes to the game are found in the set up section…

I can see how the torpedo rules were really cleared up. Using the old string method meant you would cross partial hexes. Did the range shorten as well. I don’t remember torpedoes only going out to 4 hexes but I could be sooo wong.

I am kind of wondering about those of us who had the old game: can we still use our old ship cards? Or am I going to have to get both British and French Fleet Boxes just to be able to use all my old ships?