Buying Leviathans Great War once the kickstarter is finished

Hi I was wondering once the Kickstarter is finished for Leviathans Great War , so will I be able to buy all special add ons for the game which is offered for each cash level reached?.

Also where can I buy this new board game as well?.


Leviathans was previously made in a different packaging back in 2012. There was the big starter box (Brits vs French) and smaller fleet boxes for both the Brits and French. Those went out of print and issues with the printer are why there hasn’t been any more made.

The kickstarter is to help fund new production runs in a slightly revised format with new printers. The plans as Catalyst have described them are to have almost everything from the kickstarter available to retail stores after the kickstarter is complete. There are a few kickstarter exclusives that won’t be available afterwards. Those are:
$100k stretch goal (unlocked) - 5 KS-exc Admiral Cards
$300k stretch goal (unlocked) - 5 KS-exc Ship cards
$500k stretch goal (not yet unlocked) - KS-exc game map

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