Are Starter Box ship cards unique to the Starter Box?


I really want the Jeanne D’Arc ship card.
I saw that all ship cards will be unique to the boxes they come from, so does that mean I have to get the Starter Box to get the Jeanne d’Arc ship card? Or will it also be in the French Fleet box or available as a separate Cruiser box ship card for example?

I already have the old starter box so was thinking of getting the Veteran pledge and add some Fleet Boxes (including French Fleet), but I really want the Jeanne d’Arc ship card. Do I really have to buy the Starter Box to get it?

PS: of course, this question is also applicable to all ship cards in the Starter Box.

We don’t know for certain, but my understanding is that the ship cards should be unique to each box/pack. Hopefully we’ll get it spelled out for certain before the end of the kickstarter

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