6 Days! - Ship Packs

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I can almost hear the fire of the Twelve inch guns at this point. We have talked about the Fleet Boxes and Starter Box in the past but I wanted to go over the third way to get your hands on Leviathans miniatures. The Ship Pack As you can see from the graphic, every ship…

I believe CGL means Die Cut Sheets vs Dice Cut Sheets.

I love the idea of individual add-ons allowing custom fleet purchases, but frankly, I’m a little concerned about Catalyst’s fulfillment capability for this. Every one of the Kickstarter projects started by Catalyst appears to have had difficulty or failure fulfilling elements of add-ons and stretch goals. The Kickstarter comment boards are filled with complaints about partially unfulfilled projects. Catalyst seems to have done well with core fulfillment, but piecemealed out shipments of add-ons and stretch goals that then never got fulfilled.

I love Leviathans and I really want to be able to build my own fleet, but I’d appreciate hearing how this is going to be different from the other issues you seem to have faced. Otherwise, I may just be waiting for the certainty of retail.