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USAS Airships of 1910 - Armored Cruiser
« on: December 23, 2015, 12:06:31 PM »
Here are my thoughts for a Armored Cruiser for the American Fleet. 

I figured it makes sense for this to be originally expected to be a Battleship, but advancements caused it to be reclassified as an Armored Cruiser.  This matches some of the things that happened in our own history, as this time was a period of rapid innovation and advancement, often in fits and starts as information spread around the world.  I think it fits with the other designs I have been playing with, but I have not had a chance to playtest this one yet, hopefully this weekend :)  The original fluff this is all base on is (

I think, in this world, the United States was playing a game of guess and catchup with the European powers, some of their ideas were innovative, some were just wrong.  I am not sure where this one fits on that particular scale, but I think it will be fun to find out



Addendum to Privy Council Report - Armored Cruiser ship class of the USAS

Originally designed as a Battleship, the USAS Detroit was reclassified as an American Armored Cruiser with the advent of the British Leviathan on the world scene 

Because of the original design and roll, the ships of the Detroit class have no Torpedo mounts, though some may be refitted with these as they come in to update for specific mission rolls.  It was designed as a Battleship, and due to this, has some unique elements for an Armored Cruiser that should be noted by those who might come to face it.

Due to the arrangements of its gun mounts, the Detroit is capable of mounting a significant offensive strike on all faces.  The bow mounted 10” guns can turn and cover both forward and forward port/starboard facings.  The most forward port/starboard side turrets are mounted just behind and slightly lower, allowing their 6” guns to cover forward and their specific side arcs.  The rearmost 5” guns can also cover their respective port/starboard faces and can also be turned to cover the rear aspect of the ship.  Due to this relative flexibility  and design this ship is capable of bracketing fire on all faces, increasing its ability to do significant damage on all fronts. 

Add to this a respectable, if not spectacular speed, good endurance and range and the ability to turn more reminiscent of a much lighter hull and you have a ship that is capable and a handful for any that face her. 

One thing noted by our agents is the existence of a series of what appear to be heavy hatches on the bottom of this ships hull.  We have no idea of the purpose of these hatches, but there is some speculation it may be to ease coaling and repair of the internal mechanisms and mechanicals of this hull. 

This class has had low build numbers, but the lessons learned by the Americans will most assuredly be used in future designs.  At this time this is the only Armored Cruiser class in the American line of battle, but there are indications that a new ship class is being laid down from the lessons learned from this ship.  We will continue to monitor and report on our findings as we receive additional information

USAS Detroit Armored Cruiser (Class III Hull)

Structure -26                                                                                                                    Class -3

               13                      13                  14                      14                        14                      13
              Tesla                   Armor +1       10” Gun              Crew                    10” Gun               Armor +1
              Trim Coil                                   T 7/13                dB(d6)                 T 7/13
                                                          dB(d10=2)/dR(d10)                         dB(d12)/dR(d10)

Armor +2                     13                                                                                               Armor +2                    13
Crew dB(d6)                 13                                                                                               Crew dB(d6)                13
Tesla Trim Coil              13                                                                                              Tesla Trim Coil              13
Gun 6” T 6/12               13                                                                                              Gun 6” T 6/12               13
     dY(d8)/dBl(d6)                                                                                                                dY(d8)/dBl(d6)
 Gun 5” T 6/10              14                                                                                              Gun 5” T 6/10               14
     dY(d8)/dBl(d6)                                                                                                                dY(d8)/dBl(d6)
Steering gear                14                                                                                               Steering gear               14

                         11                 11                   14                 14                  14                 11
                        Tesla             Armor +1        Engine 2           Engine 2     Engine 2          Armor +1
                      Trim Coil                                                             

Speed -6                                                                                                               Enter Hexes before Turn - 2
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